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Chang Peng group: turnover each technology requires justification
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Peng base Chang:the replacement of each technology requires justification

dialogue Foshan new Jingtai ceramic machinery have limit general manager Peng base Chang

Hong Yin   Huang Bin   Yang Minyuan

group Peng Chang, studied mechanical engineering graduate, was familiar with ceramics ceramic equipment made in pioneer life experiences. After basically glazing equipment at home, but also hold the opportunity to catch up with the introduction of jet apparatus inkjet technology localization of the road, it is a hard thinking, leading business Steadily elegance entrepreneurs.

ceramics factory decades of experience, turned to make the glaze line equipment

Yin Hong:Peng, hello! You look very young, 70 after it? native?

Chang Peng group:Dr. Hello, I'm flattered, I was born in 1969 in Sanshui locals.

Yin Hong:do you participate in the work should be in 1990, and it is a ceramic professional background? How to enter the ceramic industry?

Peng base Chang:I am from light of the Guangzhou Institute of light graduation, but not professional ceramic is light Industry Machinery and equipment (specializing in beverage equipment) , 1990 Nian graduated to work, went to the Sanshui honest of ceramics factory. All in all, I entered the ceramics industry is accidentally, because it was Sanshui beverage plants , cement is a pillar industry, and ceramics is a new industry, many of my classmates went to the Sanshui Jianlibao , brewery , and I went to the ceramics factory . see allocation notice, I face a loss. I only know how to pour drinks bottle to go, but I really do not know how to put dirt into tiles! was Europe total (now general manager Hongyu Group Europe Jiarui) three water a production line (SOE) , has just put into operation soon.

Yin Hong:as a non-ceramic professional background, your initial entry to do what?

Chang Peng group:do technician, is responsible for the device. I ceramics factory to do a full 10 years, can be roughly divided into three stages:

the first stage is when I first conducted business, it was no technical staff, there are not enough professionals, for me, a beginning of new contact with the pipeline, it would be a good learning opportunity.

At that time the factory introduced a line of Spanish production line, using the now more fashionable powder dry process technology . I saw you on the previous period, Shandong Branch Yi powder dry legal articles, and said it considered the earliest time we do a dry process powders. Was prepared from raw material to finished product packaging is already "one-stop" concept of the entire line, they always Europe group of people go abroad for training. their entire line only 5 people in operation, riding a bicycle patrol. I 90 years go, Spain has sent experts withdrawal ( on June incident when 89 ) .

Yin Hong:it should be because of political reasons, the second half of 1989, the Western boycott of the Chinese economy. This, there is no provision in the contract for the relevant guarantee? Western countries are more meticulous business   is   business (business is business).

group Peng Chang:there should be, at the time playing for this lawsuit, we finally won, it can be said the lawsuit is one of the few Chinese international lawsuit victory, the EU has always said he was on the other side so the blacklist . Win because the truth is indeed upon us, the contract did not complete their left. They finally did not lose money, but lost a 680 Sacmi presses, and we did not pay the balance due.

The first step into the job, he would face Spain withdraw commissioning, technical blank, we are the only there are all technical personnel Qi explore, step by step learned the geography of the equipment, get to know.

1993 - 1995 Nian those years was mainly technological transformation, the production line change to change to make it more for our production, quality and internal control. Ceramic was doing too make money, all of a sudden a lot more Sanshui ceramics factory.

Yin Hong:this is the first stage of your career for 10 years ceramics factory, followed by what stage?

Chang Peng group:technicians do a couple of years later, the pipeline is also familiar with the work, the EU always took me transferred to the workshop to do the workshop director, responsible for the entire workshop management , but I do before a technician is responsible for dry process (workshop materials) , then the workshop is a burn twice within the wall of the production line. During that time we bold reform, the yield is substantially doubled. Explore more, you press either transformation or Vertical dried transformation, not a big problem. We were mainly digestive vertical dryers, including the furnace, including the burning of diesel equipment have changed from burning gas. later popular burn heavy oil (muffle furnace) has entered the second stage, as the company to expand production capacity, increase the kiln. these changes I have participated in the industry, including the transformation of glazing lines, how to improve superior products, automatic printing.

Yin Hong:Now you should be a third stage in which how about the story?

Peng base Chang:I went to Inner Mongolia Baotou, refractories plant. That is 1997 years, when we plant tile sold to Baotou, in Foshan is also considered relatively early. We therefore have the contact with the fire-resistant plants, they actually earlier than we do Tiled , Hong Kong's exports is still very early to get the exemption certificate, equal to our progress, and they are still very backward, so we work together to set up a joint venture the company. Our partnership model is we all have a part of the people, then we have to manage. I took a dozen people in 1998 officially put into operation , the state-owned until 2000 corporate restructuring, we came back. By mid-year, I joined the new Jingtai.

from the technician to the workshop director, assistant general manager and later general manager, it is ten years and then I was in a ceramics factory.

Yin Hong:In fact, the restructuring of state-owned enterprises is a good opportunity. But the year 2000 Ceramic Group conversion unsuccessful equivalent bankrupt, you have the original factory employees as to find another way out. However, with your experience in the ceramic industry, the new Jingtai Why? There is no other industry like in the past?

Peng base Chang:then if I election, certainly the first choice is to do ceramics factory, but the problem is we had a few plants are because urban planning reasons stopped, that we did not even have a base. Besides, I have also added some new Jingtai origins. do press fitting boss Yang initially Li Zhaofeng dry , later 1993 founded the new Jingtai . Jingtai had been doing business, the earliest or in the glazing line Device to Lord, Acting OMIS, FK and TSC, as well as subsequent SM A C do antique brick equipment a .

initially I are to say want contracting ceramics factory, Yang and I have had to examine the results not find a suitable factory < span style = "font-size:8pt;">, but in the process I also learn more about the business situation of the new Jingtai. Yang then with the communication process, we found each other there are some common ideas. Scene I'm in charge technical ceramics factory ten years, the equipment also have more sense, and I say this Italian import equipment to be replaced sooner or later the Chinese products, and ten years ago, we technically restricted foreigners still vivid , continue to rely on "foreign equipment" maybe someday history will repeat itself, he said the last we unanimously decided simply we do, the "foreign equipment" localization.

so, based on this concept, I joined the new Jingtai. We would be tantamount to everyone working on a new project, Yang continued to do his business and sales , I am responsible research production and services. In that year - 2000, the new factory was established Jingtai.


painstaking glazing equipment, lament and easy to do but hard to master  

Yin Hong:since 2000, you make a transition device, the main line is to do the glaze, you are concerned about how this session?

Peng base Chang:I had a ceramic factory, from raw < span style = "font-size:8pt;"> Drag until the furnace automatic packing machine sorting have done, and these devices have a feeling, but I was more and more to focus on the glazing line, the main reason is, glazing line device degree localization is not high , there are many articles and glazed to do.


Yin Hong:The entire glazing line overall is relatively simple, right?

Peng base Chang:not really, you say simple, ceramic devices are generally not complex but good is not easy. This is actually also with the new Jingtai agent's main products, mainly on glazing line equipment, including OMIS , TSC, FK and so on. Late 1990s glaze line is free dryers, mainly printing machines and glazing equipment, including screen printing chain, plate; spray painting and glazing have poured glaze, enamel spray for our company, was a the new products, many glaze line are imported, most of the equipment including bell are introduced, you can see that most of them are in addition to spray enamel tiles, so I was a little proud. Pushed eight or ten years, but we still really put this product launch, the main foreign spray enamel on a airpower, is an old enterprise, it is mainly domestic we are doing.


Yin Hong:now you pour the glaze and spray enamel equipment in the country come out on top?

group Peng Chang:Yes, what people do not now, before it touches a lot of people have done. We did not spend too much rejection glazed energy, pour the glaze mainly Bell, our main late is linear pour the glaze machine . Pour the glaze equipment be spent our greatest efforts, and finally managed to get the industry recognition. Ceramic glaze, enamel and spray shower mainly glaze, we have done two flagship product.

indeed, glazing device is not difficult to do, but that is not easy to do, and because and glazing process related to users of the service have a certain dependence. Personally, I had not learned the process, but all the way down, I also learned a lot, such as viscosity, fluidity, formulation, research and so a lot of the addition of cellulose, and later also fired plastic of , are pondering a lot of strength. Especially with inkjet technology, the ink-jet shower before partakers, after ink jet shower, a former Bell glazing lines may be two, now more, called multi-functional glazing line, back and forth, and bottom glaze, overglaze, the whole cast glaze, semi-glaze polishing, protection glaze, then there dry grain is dry glazing, these have always been doing our best products and services.


Yin Hong:The dry glazing equipment you doing?

group Peng Chang:What we have been doing, but there has been no great breakthrough. Up to now all simple mainly about 7--8 years ago pop over a period of dry printing. One of these inventions is the Ferrari, with the screen the way, there is a TSC , and then carving good a patterned belt, but the two are not the last in the world to implement.


Yin Hong:from 2000 into the new Jingtai when you start those years, glazing line equipment developed very fast, growing in length, the original end of the 1990s there is little more than 80 meters, but now 150 meters are perfectly normal, and even longer. You glaze line of development is how to see it? On the overall development of equipment, you are how to achieve?

Peng base Chang:from 2000 to now, the research process for 15 years, I sentiment most, the deepest is the product style movements. Glazing line layman may feel no change, but from our point of view of insiders, decorative tile surface a lot more tools and processes. Early 1990s craft made out of bricks to get to now can only be called ordinary brick, brick crystal such as basically that is either thrown glaze, the glaze or cream, or printing, is relatively simple. Tiles basically two aspects bell, and then printing. Now do antique bricks, tiles full cast more complicated.


Yin Hong:Over the last decade, a lot more decorative tiles, but also the end of the glaze, but also a screen, then add the roller, ink jet dry grain, glaze, glaze and so on.

group Peng Chang:Yes, these changes are also gradually formed a number of process direction. Take the glazing, the spray into the glaze and pour the glaze of the two systems, in the year 2000 most of the cream glaze, mainly because then smooth brick based. I remember when we started to push antique brick equipment, took some samples back antique tiles, bricks majority of employers say they are not suitable for China, bumpy, not engage in clean, bright colors do not. Indeed those years are not popular, but at that time the country to do antique brick brands is numbered. We had to sell the device in Europe are the most important, like holding a tile to go. 10 years ago, the image I have retained to the present, not willing to delete. We book a year, the album is recorded these years of style changes. For Europe generally not changed, but each year there will be some new things added to the inside.

main change is the spray painting is now derived from various segment of the category, and took part in a large flow and small traffic, partakers of high and low pressure. The greatest advantage is sprayed enamel can maximize their carving mold surface effect by pouring the glaze, then topped with a flat opinions, so we are doing multi-functional glazing line design, make product surface is actually a process route design. Glazing front how the arrangements for what equipment, the use of long distance, the distance depending on how the process should be adjusted to be considered, although each primary and secondary, but the basic point is that you must set aside all possible , style products to meet future market changes.

glazing lines we did ten years, staying, but found that it is not easy to do. We do look at our machinery, looks pile of iron, is not complicated, sold more than a dozen European production units in case we do get them barely half the price. We are basically the idea is to put the entire glazing line Zhuomo Tou, then do according to the customer different glazing techniques and habits. We are considering how to create glazing line 4.0, glazing lines to know many of them are no data, are based on technician and operator experience to adjust the glaze, glazing, so we need to do is to take their design glazing line design experience, technical experience and present new technologies together to build the future of glazing line technology.

glazing basic localization, implementation of supplier management

< span style = "font-size:8pt;"> Yin Hong:now you pour the glaze and spray enamel device market can be described as the dominant, not to mention this year, according to a few years ago on a new production line to count, you can account for much of the market share?

Peng base Chang:pour the glaze and spray enamel device should add up to 90%. Overall, share is so high is because these products, learn difficult to master, the price itself is not expensive, but this is actually very terrible. You see a one million inkjet, companies hesitate to choose to do, many competitors. But this only tens of thousands, a production line down may only ten million, Production management and services large systems, but profit is not high, too many people are not content to compete.


Yin Hong:So you are now on the market is almost a monopoly position, which is your profit is not a guarantee?

Chang Peng group:the whole glazing line equipment, we rarely do engineering. Project is very easy to do value than done, but if we focus on the project, then, involves too much time, which in turn will affect our study of the product, so we have the whole structure of human and material resources mainly in research and development, production and service, to do the entire down only about 100 million, and sometimes even less. We can not say we have a virtual monopoly, our profits is guaranteed, it is not. I think an appropriate margin is necessary, both to ensure our survival, but also to promote the establishment of the entire production and service system. I think we feel this gives the monopoly of a few years getting stronger, but also because the very existence of other made small down year only 1,2 million words , how to survive it? service do well, the production is not complete, it is difficult to continue.

  Yin Hong:now the whole ceramic industry domestic environment we can clearly feel, from 2014 to the present 2015, a new line of business to be less and less, as your equipment, although not entirely one-time investment, but still the new main line, right? At the same time we can see that is an entirely different story abroad, Southeast Asia, West Asia and other regions are constantly new ground wire, which is your main export products are affected?

Chang Peng base:Although this year the industry downturn, but the impact is not great for us, so we glazing equipment sales and the year before last year, it is similar.

and overseas hot, of course, is a good thing for us. Like Vietnam, this year and last year are more prosperous, as we summarize their new kilns are not many, mainly technological transformation. Their original product line is very backward, are doing very ordinary bricks, last year after China's technological transformation basically doing full polished glaze and antique bricks, tiles and direction to the large size, tiles aspects do Inkjet , gaining momentum. but the overall volume of investment is not only an amount equivalent to a medium-producing areas of China.


Yin Hong:your glazing line equipment, export and domestic ratio is about how much? Twenty-eight?

Chang Peng group:thirty-seven. We think so, we will always do export, which stems from our philosophy and Italian cooperation, we digested the Italian stuff, but the most one day we have to compete with them, so we have not given up the export market development, export Department from 2005 since its establishment ten years also, although not very successful, but we have to open up the market are substantially stabilized. We also see an increasing number of areas - table Bay , India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia and other a equipment and production processes of a basic in China.


Yin Hong:So you have 100% of the glazing line equipment localization yet?

Chang Peng group:basically yes, but not the main parts, and we do so many years also a bit puzzled machinery. I talk about the whole glazing line Device how come we spray glaze the main parts or imported motor too. The main glaze pressing We are hydraulic pump, and all the parts It is imported, the biggest difficulty is the diaphragm. You said diaphragm can not do? In fact, we can do, but really do not, a thin rubber searched China to auto manufacturers also tried and still do well, so they are from Germany import a.


Yin Hong:in general, from 2000 to the present 15 years to the degree of localization of the glazing line is still very high.

Pengji Chang:Yes, the whole has been substantially localization, and I have talked about is the main zero parts also imports. We do export equipment with us in the domestic sales of basic equipment is uniform. My hope is that we want to build the best domestic glazing line equipment, proximity mode and Italy, with Italy can get the comparison. In fact, from the practical and cost-effective, we sorted it is competitive, otherwise we would get out, people go out to buy the first time you would not buy a second time.

I do not focus on the glazing line project, because to do glazing line is very simple, but to really not easy to do , it is difficult to decrease the cost. But most domestic customers can not really quality bid. Here is a simple example of how it does not rust? We compared this with Europe really poor farther than European equipment three to five years later looks almost as good as new, we made has been horrendous, because there are not a lot of stainless steel. terms of steel and rust, not cost almost no way.

when I first arrived in the new Jingtai," the European equipment at home and catch up with European technology "can say is my dream, I thought it is easy, should be three to five years, did not think pondering fifteen years or unsatisfactory. must continue our efforts!


Yin Hong:this is perhaps the basic industries and our entire relationship.

group Peng Chang:Yes, ah, we have to do a device, the difficulty factor is much larger than in Europe. In Europe, as long as the concept of good design, supporting all things are good suppliers, but not at home. First, a lot of things to you is not necessarily good; second, even to today's hello, not necessarily tomorrow. Device can say that we do, quality everywhere, "ambush" Zhi Buding day which part of which product problems, can be attributed to the quality of our products. So our difficulty lies not only in our own management, but also in managing our supplier base. This is why China-made cars has been difficult with Japan, Germany Quality compared reason .

I do not think it is getting three to five years can do something, may not even decade is two years or three years to do something, so in recent years I have slowly deep breath, because many of our parts are not standardized, vendors each have their own cupboard, not alone to blame.


Yin Hong:If you choose, you can also choose foreign parts ah.

group Peng Chang:in the current global situation, something we really do not have to do it themselves, but the problem back to our localization purposes, it we want to sort out. What is our purpose of localization? We are going to compete in Europe and America, product availability and price to be better than them, if our selection like them, our final cost will be high, and there is no Chinese characteristics, it lost the meaning of localization . So we focus in recent years is the management of our supply chain, in no way has been through its own management to improve the quality of our case, through managing our supply chain, we can work together to ascend.


the introduction of inkjet printing machine quickly catch up with Europe  

Yin Hong:Will be On the ink-jet printing machine it. You have been committed to doing the glazing line equipment, make inkjet printing machine can be considered a very logical thing. From my understanding of the industry and you, I think you enter this area, it is relatively a little late. Can you tell us briefly, when you are, how it started?

group Peng Chang:in fact, we like other inkjet printers brand started almost time to make you feel one step too late, I think mainly because we have the first two years It is with another brand of cooperation.

2009 years ago, several brands we want to do but do not, because then there is no ink. 2008 global economic crisis, Europe's inkjet technology (mainly ink technology) slowly mature, but not to do business, so in 2009 they only then to ink jet technology to the Chinese, has been to China before the technology blockade . We started 2010 with a peer brands do, just the end of the year we moved their factories here now (Sanshui estuary), then move plants at the same time released the news we did inkjet , and the launch of our first generation of inkjet machines. 2012, because the concept of different reasons, we are now co-branded separately do their own, the same year we also introduced the use of the second generation Xaar inkjet nozzles "King   Jet".


< p class = "MsoNormal" style = "text-indent:24.0000pt;"> Hong Yin:do the industry now spray ink devices, mainly the six companies, three of which you do is the original ceramic device, and the other three are doing with the detached ceramic, there are significant differences in it?

Chang Peng group:mainly to see the results. Whether domestic or European, originally made of ceramic equipment companies occupy most of the market, the three of us should account for about 70% market share, but also in Europe. Speaking of reasons, first as head of their suppliers Purcell is looking for partners, so we are licensed to do three original ceramic machine equipment company looking for within a row, and this is a psychological interaction of it. then is our service concept, more manpower than they.


Yin Hong:So, now you business and overall market conditions how?

Peng base Chang:about market conditions, before the show I wrote a summary, domestic now the whole ceramic inkjet market in about 3100 units, accounting for about Qi Cheng our three domestic household Xaar printheads, plus one percent in Europe more than the rest of the market is to use other brands of the head of the enterprise.


Yin Hong:China is now home to do the six ink-jet printing machine business, technically the most important feature in the market or the most important competitive advantages?

Chang Peng group:this year the euro fell 20% -30%, if not because we are now doing more mature, we suffered the blow would be fatal of. If the storm occurred three years ago, customers would prefer to spend twice as expensive price to buy the machines in Europe, because we are not mature enough. But now, even with the price of domestic customers are to choose our main.

and branches outside experts to be the case if we had engaged in ceramic industry, that we do not understand three inline inkjet technology . beginning , And they were outside the technical level, knows more than we do, but when it comes to ceramics understanding of the industry, in particular, is based on client needs design and service concept, we have a common basis over the next decade, and understand them faster, so it took more than a year, we'll catch up.

from 2013 I started to feel that we and the gap has not been seen abroad, along with the gap getting smaller and smaller, and even some of our design China's national conditions, so our advantage is more obvious.

during this time I have thought about, why all ceramic equipment and technology, took a glazing line, we have done for 20 years or not good enough, but inkjet technology is just a few years to catch up? The reason is our main jet apparatus components are imported more than an inkjet machine 80% of the costs are in the head, and most appliances , servo motors, belts, ink pump even an ink hose all is imported, we are using these imported parts assembly. So think also quite sad.


after the era inkjet, laser printing debatable

Yin Hong:are you committed to the glazing line to make inkjet printing machine can be said to be a matter of course. From the development of printing technology point of view, the two laser printing also rise development. You do as the main printing equipment, there are no considerations do laser print? There are no specific technical reserves do?

Chang Peng group:for laser printing, we have been in the assessment. Inkjet technology for our entire industry is a shock, I did not expect before the technology actually can be applied to the ceramic Production on leaving we did not expect that, after a stable ink jet technology, the concept of laser-printed appears. We evaluate this technology, but so far we have not found a good reason to think it will be widely used in the ceramics industry.


Yin Hong:Do you think that in the future may replace the laser print inkjet technology?

Peng base Chang: not possible alternatives, only may coexist, as market segments the demand exists. Like roller printing and screen printing are coexist, but their share of different . At present the technical, cost, maturity and other reasons analysis, laser technology still can not find a good reason to enter.


Yin Hong:In general, that we were the first to do wire net absolutely dominate the world, after the roll out of the screen it can not replace, but at least split the world. Inkjet technology came out, we did not think, including me think that writing articles can not substitute inkjet roll, can only do personalized products, but when I write articles or leeway - if its cost can roll cylinder competition, then certainly go higher. In fact now inkjet costs down, although the cost has not dropped a single and roll the same, but the overall cost can be on an equal footing with the roller. Now inkjet probably accounts for 40% -50% share of it, relatively speaking, but also accounts for the main market for some time. So I mean, there is no prospect of subversion laser printing inkjet technology possible? Similar to the current inkjet technology to replace a considerable part of the roller technology?

group Peng Chang:my assessment is based on such a technology, it is determined whether or not viable, the main alternative is to determine its feasibility or necessity. Like motorcycle replacement bicycle, motorcycle and car alternatives to meet the demand for means of transport speed and comfort. The car would be replaced by other means of transport it? It depends on what we need? Fuel-efficient, it is best not oil. Or some other needs. This is an alternative reason.

Looking back to our printing technology, the screen is the most difficult operation, and with halftone pattern can not print variable , and the process roller has a continuous treatment, with respect to the screen, it can change it replaces most of the screen. But it is only a transitional product, because it does not solve the problem of conversion, the version does not improve, you want to replace the whole set, but also more complex, difficult to achieve standardization. And just inkjet technology to solve these problems, the plate no longer need , continuous production, personalization ...... these can be achieved.


Yin Hong:indeed, the ink-jet technology allows the production of ceramic tiles simplified, I can do ten eight does not matter, as long as you can change the picture, you do not consume a lot of time engraved version.

Chang Peng group:inkjet technology started mainly the cost issue, the machine itself is expensive, and your head, and the ink is also very expensive. I was also a judgment now seems right:the ink is not very core technology, but a physical process, but how to fix it stable sex, it becomes a problem of steady state, we will eventually be digested, they do not like one of the engine so difficult. Once the technology has been digested, the cost of inkjet technology and The original printing equipment of the cost will be closer to, but additives like costs vary little difference .

we now look at laser printing, is to think about what we are not satisfied with the place? In addition to the above-mentioned technical problems and applications, it is cost. The biggest cost in the nozzle, and now prices are down, and before more than two million machines now only a few hundred thousand to get; followed by the ink, and now the price of chemical raw materials, pigments, glazes prices have ink a little difference. So we again developed a ceramic printing equipment used, and that we must now progress on the basis of the most advanced ink-jet printing, the reason you can not find the question.

is actually a laser transfer printing, imaging, and then as the transition to the ceramic tiles. The principle is simple, roll in generating gradient, pattern and then transition to the brick lining, also regarded as a practical principle of digital technology, and inkjet are common, they are put into a digital image. The biggest difference is in the middle of the process, inkjet technology does not have a fixed Edition , a screen and roll has a fixed version, the middle of a transition the product, which also accounts for a large product transition costs, and durability, and so there are some problems. So I insisted that a technology to replace a technology must be justified.


Yin Hong:As I understand it, some hair color laser printing ink-jet printing is difficult to do. And I thought about the cost of laser printing in the future there may be lower than inkjet printing? Because the laser does not need so many guns, the entire cost of the equipment will be greatly reduced.

Chang Peng group:head of hair loss and some of the less bright color is indeed short board inkjet technology. As for color, in recent years it has also been a breakthrough, more and more bright, this technology is mature, and I have always been the view class inkjet technology like red, rhubarb bad hair color color, Home Improvement needed ratio is not much. Again we invented the metal glaze, it is not all to do metal glaze? impossible! We do not need much decoration. Therefore, the issue of color only seven to eight percent of the market to meet the needs and then continue to slowly develop it.


Yin Hong:your point of view mainly in ceramic printing area in quite some time will continue to inkjet technology as the main body, the laser can be used as an auxiliary, a short time will not become mainstream?

Pengji Chang:Yes, now inkjet technology with pervasive rate also slowly rise.


Yin Hong:there a problem, and now the development of ink-jet equipment also entered into the field of spray enamel, SYSTEM ceramics industry Exhibition in this year launched a digital glaze line. In fact, digital inkjet glaze line mainly in bear spray painting functions. Now spray enamel inkjet machine, candy glaze, precious metal glaze, matte glaze, but did not find ordinary spray enamel glaze technique, you think inkjet spray painting is not the function of the development direction of your machine?

group Peng Chang:I just made a similar point of view - for the application of all technologies are born. Not invented a technique in order to invent itself, but with a purpose away. SYSTEM digitized glaze line I think it's just a concept line, does not solve the problem of glazing. I shot the video, to see their glazing amount is very small, probably a few dozen grams per square meter of volume, we are now in hundreds of tiles grams, the thickness is not enough, a sense of transparency and three-dimensional all get out. Transparent glaze thickness often require one hundred grams or even kilograms, it can not be resolved; there are three-dimensional problem, I really think that if the digital inkjet, when the so-called 3D effect, you can not die will produce three-dimensional effect. currently have this special feature is subsidence glaze, but subsidence enamel is no way way , its engraving limited effect . But you should know that the ink is oily, do not pile up. I think that at the present moment, Common glazing few hundred grams are not a good alternative to spray enamel technique.


Yin Hong:your point of view, I summed up, laser printing, digital spray enamel technology of these new technologies as a technical reserve, as exist, as an innovation, as the development is necessary, but at the time being can not become the industry mainstream replacement equipment, but as some personalization, specialization a good supplement.


group Peng Chang:Yes.

business planning, will remain stable before the line

Yin Hong:from your current product mix, increasing profits in the ink-jet device is low, your business will go glaze line development, product structure has been maintained, or continue to increase spray R &D efforts ink machine, or it is the traditional product or a product made more extreme?

group Peng Chang:I do not take into account so many years we might lose money, because we are not doing great, easy to control risk, so really there is no" loss "concept. But now we do inkjet and indeed in the "loss" of the. Because prices have been dropping, we have also seen some colleagues already stand, there also has to do to make ink machine. If this project independent operation then, we probably not good business .

so we basically consider this issue in several directions. First, the ink jet is sure to do, because digital printing in the field of ceramics has opened the head, and can not return back to the screen, that's a roll, now that laser is supplemented by digital printing, so I I want no turning back, if we do not, then we can not do a complete glazing lines in this field, well done. Second, the short term is now growing pains, we are counting on the original ink-jet technology give us increase profits, not the beginning of the year appears to be, but will reduce profit. But I think this is an inevitable process, each product are likely to happen.


Yin Hong:for this situation, you worry about it?

Chang Peng group:we are not worried, though a pity not want to earn money, but our business idea is very clear. short-term low-margin or even at a loss will not affect our direction.


Yin Hong:today's stock market is still down, and some time ago but up crazy. Indeed the stock market and use of capital markets for enterprises also makes sense, ceramics listed companies is not easy, but the upstream companies have good technology that is quite encouraging. Have you ever thought to go public?

group Peng Chang:our local government is very concerned about this issue, we are often asked how to get to the next question. Said implementation, we have also been assessed, but no action. This is relatively speaking the third topic, we not say for sure what to do, but our current development, the various aspects of the funds will not have to go to the capital market, but being there is no big projects venture into the market, so we are in no hurry.


Yin Hong:If the right opportunity, you will not object?

group Peng Chang:Yes. We are a small business, doing business is not to make a left, we are put into a sense of love and do twenty years, it would like to continue to do so, but to do so in the ceramic industry, instead of saying after the capital got to go the other direction.

of course, we also have some idea of horizontal development, such as ceramic glazing and packaging concept, we always have to do the packaging line equipment, but has not put it as main products. Began nearly two years, we begin to integrate this project, including the introduction of robotic, and other ceramic glazing investigation and so on. The idea is that, since we have experienced tile glazing, why not develop it to the bathroom glazing? From flat to three-dimensional glazing glazing. We have done a survey, the degree of automation of sanitary industry is still relatively low. This is our future direction, but also very conservative, not too much risk. Automation in this area based on the packaging may be laterally to do other sectors of the packaging, as we have recently done some sheet packaging line , for us, it can be considered to broaden the number of areas. There are also many areas of digital inkjet can be applied, we understand recently, textile, carton packaging, beverage packaging now used are is other printing methods, the future should also be a way to use an ink jet. It's a bit far, we will seriously consider re-entry.


Yin Hong:in general, you will still predominantly ceramic?

group Peng Chang:yes, we will be expanding on the basis of current development, but will not go across many areas of development. Even if the cross will be a special team to do, and will not reduce our investment in the ceramic industry, manpower and resources. For example, we have a branch is made of injection molding machines, as well as independent operations. Shops doing business is independently owned, will not affect our development . Blind development, We have no competition to speak of.


Yin Hong:are you from 2000 were added to the new Jingtai for 15 years, there is no feeling process which is particularly difficult in this process? I hear you say all the way down, does not seem to.

Chang Peng group:speaking, over the last 15 years, coupled with my 10 years in the ceramics factory, the brain seems hooded mask over. Based on our spring ceramic industry, we are so smooth developed. Now development of the industry may have to the ceiling, but the past few years we have been ready.

take inkjet machine, the fastest growth of our industry as a whole more than 1,000 machines, last 800 units. We expect this year's market also only will be about 600, by our main the six brands occupied, on average, also only 100 units. We define industry growth down, but we share increased, it is one of our tone. Last year we did 100 multiple , this year our goal is 100 units. 30% decline in the industry, but we have to increase the share, which is based on our " with the quality of service and business intentions, final share of the brands' positioning dependent. Despite this, Because the homogenization of competition, Our profit margin is not high , you say we have no difficulty very comfortable, not right.


Yin Hong:your entire business plan is relatively stable, step by step, not a great leap, the peak is not obvious , trough too, with many enterprises to take the road not exactly the same, unlike some companies rely on a product "whoosh" and click on up, the product will not come down again. I hope you will continue to maintain a steady pace, just keep getting better. Peng, the final thank you for the interview. Here on behalf of Foshan Ceramic Society, "Foshan Ceramics" magazine, "Innovation pottery industry," reported and China Ceramic Industry Information Center, said in an interview thank you once again, thank you!



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